Is Gini Chatrath’s delivery the reason for the shutdown of ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’? Know the truth

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Is Gini Chatrath’s delivery the reason for the shutdown of ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’? Know the truth


Comedy show ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ is being discussed in off air. It is being said that the makers want to return the show differently. The show closes in mid-February next month, it has been confirmed, but the makers are not rewamping the show. The production house has decided to discontinue the show keeping in view several reasons. However, a few months later ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ may return on TV.

The show featuring Krishna Abhishek, Kiku Sharda, Archana Puran Singh and Kapil Sharma will be closed in the second week of February. It started in December 2018. The show was successful on TV for two years. According to the Times of India, the source says that given the reports that the show will return, it is difficult to say. The Kapil Sharma show has been quite popular among audiences. The contribution of live audiences to this show has been significant, but due to the epidemic the live audience could not make it to the show which is one of the reasons for the closure of ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’. The films are also not releasing, due to which the actors are not coming to promote the film. In such a situation, the makers have decided that the show should take a break. The show may make a comeback when things turn normal.

The source further said, “Kapini Sharma’s wife Ginni Chatrath is expecting a second baby. In such a situation, it would be right for Kapil to take a break from the show. He can spend quality time with the family and focus on his wife Ginni and Baby Anaira. Kapil is getting a chance to spend time with the family. The show may return to entertain audiences after about three months. ”

In the last few months, many shows have gone on air and taken a break. The Kapil Sharma show is quite entertaining and the writers have done a great job towards the show, making the audience laugh. Viewers can wait for the show to return. We will definitely come back to give them a dose of laughter.

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