Mukesh Ambani got billions of dollars, slipped one more in the list of world’s billionaires

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Mukesh Ambani got billions of dollars, slipped one more in the list of world’s billionaires

Billionaire Mukesh Ambani, chairman of Reliance Industries, received a shock of $ 3.6 billion today. His wealth has now come down to $ 75.8 billion. Because of this, he has dropped out of the list of top-10 billionaires of the world to the 12th position. Let me tell you that the day before Reliance Industries Limited announced that the work of setting up a separate unit for the oil-to-chemical business has been completed. After this news, today ie on Monday 11:40 minutes, RIL shares in the Sensex lost 4.35% to Rs 1960.50, the biggest loss. This has led to the decline in Mukesh Ambani’s wealth.

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Zhong Shanshan, China’s bottled water seller who snatched the crown of Asia’s biggest rich from Mukesh Ambani’s head, is now the world’s sixth-richest. A few days ago, Zhong reached very close to number five Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Jeff Bezos at number one, Elon Musk at second and Bernard Arnault Family at number three. In fourth place is Bill Gates.

Top-10 billionaires and their wealth

The ranking rich Networth in billion dollars
1 Jeff bezos 191.5
2 Elon Musk 182.2
3 Bernard Arnott & Family 150.4
4 Bill Gates 121.5
5 Mark zuckerberg 100.4
6 Zhong Shanshan 92.9
7 Warren buffett 88.2
8 Larry elation 85.7
9 Larry page 83
10 Sergey Brin 80.6
11 Steve ballmer 76.2
10 Mukesh Ambani 75.8

Source: Forbes Real Time Billionaire Index (January 25, 11:40 AM)

According to the latest list of the Forbes Real Time Billionaire Index, there has now been a gap of about $ 8 billion between Zuckerberg and Shanshan. Zuckerberg is at number five in the list of the world’s top-10 rich with a net worth of $ 100.4 billion, while Shanshan is at number six with a net worth of $ 92.9 billion. Let us tell you that the real-time billionaire rankings of Forbes provide information about the fluctuations in public holdings everyday. This index is updated every 5 minutes after the stock market opens in different parts of the world. Networth of individuals whose assets belong to a private company is updated once a day. 

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